Quality boards that complement your lifestyle.


From the Mountains to the Coast.


Quest Boards offers a variety of hard goods. Whether you're exploring the urban sprawl, hanging ten in the surf, or going down the slopes, we've got you covered. 


The Word on the Street

These boards (longboards) are too good for their price. They work like a $300 board. Just shows what this company cares more about.
— @presto_run (instagram comment)
I’ve put a lot of mileage on all the boards I have and they still work amazingly.
— Jarrett Larson, Team Rider
This deck is absolutely beautiful.
...That fact alone has me in awe of the price of this board.
— John Ciociola, (product review)
Smooth ride, solid balance, speed stays pretty constant when flat, all around great cruising board for getting me around campus.
— Alex Adrian, Amazon Review

Your next adventure awaits you.